Pushing Your Crestron Automated Lighting System to the Highest Level of Automation!

Our Crestron related automation services can tackle all your necessities in regards of comfort, safety and convenience. Automated homes no longer represent a trend for the wealthy. Specific systems are extremely accessible to all kinds of homes. What really matters is to identify your necessities prior to making random choices – just because they look cool at a first glance. We offer Crestron sales and install services based on your expectations, but we also handle the Crestron repair and service solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you want more comfort, a safer environment or real energy efficiency, this is what Crestron automation systems are here for.

What Crestron Has in Store for You

From lighting control and home theaters to video and climate control, Crestron has everything you can imagine. Our Crestron installer service is based on the initial step most homeowners make – automated lighting. Commercial lighting control targets energy saving by automatic dimming according to the natural light. Residential shade and lighting control is also among its main specializations. You can practically adjust lights from any part of the world. However, lighting services go even farther.

- Residential lighting
- Commercial lighting
- Shading solutions based on roller shades, draperies or woven shades
- LED drivers for a top-notch performance

Apart from commercializing and installing such Crestron lighting products, we also provide Crestron programmer solutions with your everyday necessities in mind.

Allow Us to Light Your Environment

Our Crestron sales and install services deal with everything, from the initial choice to the actual Crestron programmer settings. As a newbie, it might be challenging to determine what you truly need, but this is what our customer service is here for. We will take you through an initial evaluation to help you determine your necessities. From that point on, we can make the optimal recommendations regarding Crestron automation systems. It is up to you to choose the ideal system with your budget and its features in mind.

Meet Our Professionals

Apart from a friendly and informative customer service, we also offer Crestron installer services. We will not just fit the system inside your car and send you back home to deal with it yourself. Instead, we will come over, inspect the place and determine the optimal location. Furthermore, even if you already have a system that malfunctions, we are here to offer Crestron repair and service solutions. What can be more frustrating than a malfunctioning robotized system? We only employ trained and licensed technicians, so there is no room for mistakes during the collaboration.

Your Satisfaction, Our Satisfaction

Our entire Crestron lighting service is based around your needs. Our service expands over both residential and commercial properties. We know that plenty of people are thrilled when they think about automating their homes, but they fail to make the right choices out of excitement. We do not want you to regret your choice later, hence the necessity of an initial evaluation. Let us know what you expect and give us the opportunity to turn your regular home into a smart home.

  • Home Theater Installation
  • TV Installation
  • CCTV Surveillance System Installation

I had my plasma installed by UAC Home Theater and I'm completely satisfied with the way it looks and works. The technicians were great guys besides being very knowledgeable, I was able to cut costs through them by purchasing the plasma under the retail price. It's wonderful to know that your company uses just as much care and attends to details for budget projects like our small home video room as it does for those big jobs! Our room looks and sounds great!

- Jacob H.

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