Growing A Vantage Home Automation System around Your Needs!

Vantage automation systems have gained plenty of notoriety lately, yet not everyone is dedicated enough and experienced to handle such things on their own. This is when we step in to give you a hand. Our Vantage installer service kicks in to handle the entire installation, but also to program your units based on your necessities and expectations. Enjoy the possibility to control your automated systems from any part of the world, with not more than one screen. Intelligent systems successfully blend into our expertise and professionalism, giving you access to the robotized home of your dreams.

Discover the Vantage Technology

Vantage is one of the leading home automation companies. Its automated systems might look complicated and complex, yet they are meant to make your life easier. With countless options at your disposal, the challenge is not how to do it, but what to do first. Most people are advised to start with a basic system, such as Vantage lighting or perhaps a home theater system. With time, you can obviously advance to more sophisticated Vantage automation systems. Design your solution based on personal necessities and consider the possibilities:

- Lighting
- Weather
- Home theater
- Security
- Cameras
- Video
- Audio
- Climate

Once you have all these, allow our Vantage programmer to set everything up for you.

Leave Your Home in Our Hands

Our Vantage sales and install services are built around the customers' necessities. Our service is not standard, but deeply individualized according to your preferences. We know that what works for some people does not work for everyone. But generally speaking, we give you the opportunity to remotely control most processes around your home, regardless of your location. We provide Vantage installer services, as well as Vantage repair and service solutions for further maintenance. Once the system is installed, our Vantage programmer will set it according to your schedule and teach you how to adjust it

Meet Our Team

We know that futuristic solutions demand experienced and advanced technicians. Therefore, we do not rely on random professionals. We screen our employees and make sure that we pick the best of the best. Our Vantage sales and install service comprises of customer service representatives, helpful agents, experienced and educated engineers and technicians. Each of our workers knows exactly what their role is. Whether you are interested in specific types of Vantage lighting or you want a home theater customization, consider it done.

What Defines Our Service

Our Vantage repair and service solutions are based on the customers' needs. Even when it comes to something as simple as lighting, two different homes will come with different specifications. Our business is based around your needs. We conduct our operations with one goal in mind though – giving your home a mind of its own. A full integration should not be challenging or intimidating, but comfortable. We are also responsible for the further maintenance and care. Unexpected situations are less likely to arise, but your lack of experience might affect the operation. Keep calm and give us a call.

  • Home Theater Installation
  • TV Installation
  • CCTV Surveillance System Installation

I had my plasma installed by UAC Home Theater and I'm completely satisfied with the way it looks and works. The technicians were great guys besides being very knowledgeable, I was able to cut costs through them by purchasing the plasma under the retail price. It's wonderful to know that your company uses just as much care and attends to details for budget projects like our small home video room as it does for those big jobs! Our room looks and sounds great!

- Jacob H.

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