Bring Lutron Automated Lighting to Your Home!

Lutron is one of the leading names in home automation systems and solutions. Its products have grown with innovation and evolution in mind. Therefore, its systems just could not miss from our special offers. We provide Lutron sales and install services to anyone in need of more comfort and convenience. Most of these systems are based on Lutron lighting and similar processes, such as home theaters. What can be more exciting than turning lights off and creating the cinema atmosphere with just a few taps on your smartphone? Our Lutron installer service is here to make your dreams come true, but also to handle Lutron repair and service necessities for your unexpected situations.

Discover Lutron and Its Top Rated Systems

Lutron is among your first choices when hunting the best rated home automation systems. Its story began somewhere in the '50s, yet its hunger for evolution has inevitably turned it into a front runner. With these ideas in mind, we just could not skip it. It is mostly based on Lutron lighting, so its systems can easily meet anyone's expectations:

- Fluorescent ballasts
- Shading systems
- Whole building systems
- Single room controls
- Standalone controls
- Fixture solutions
- LED drivers
- Sensors

Apart from the installation, our Lutron programmer specialists will also deal with a deep customization based on your necessities.

Allow Us to Light Your Home

Whether you want Lutron automation systems for your lights or the home theater in your basement, we are here to offer Lutron sales and install services for your demands. Our Lutron installer will not move on until your expectations are perfectly assessed upfront. You will go through our informative customer service, only to figure what your home truly need. Making choices based on emotions is less likely to satisfy you in the long run. Even if you already have a system, but it malfunctions, feel free to get in touch with us for Lutron repair and service ideas.

Leave Your Lighting Needs in Our Experts' Hands

We only employ fully trained and specialized professionals. Every Lutron installer or Lutron programmer is specialized in such systems. Experience is a primary criterion when enlarging our team, but we also conduct on site training. Our customer service representatives are thoroughly educated to help you assess your needs too. From that point on, our engineers will take over and install, program and even repair your Lutron automation systems. We have chosen Lutron as one of our leading brands because of its notoriety and quality products, so we offer the best of the best.

Growing around Your Home

We grow as you grow. We treat each situation as the most important one until it is solved. Our entire business is built around your personal expectations. We know that each customer is a brick to our reputation, so we never sacrifice quality. Given our experience, we will not only handle our products. Instead, we also provide Lutron repair and service solutions to those who already have such systems in their homes. Both residential and commercial customers are welcome.

  • Home Theater Installation
  • TV Installation
  • CCTV Surveillance System Installation

I had my plasma installed by UAC Home Theater and I'm completely satisfied with the way it looks and works. The technicians were great guys besides being very knowledgeable, I was able to cut costs through them by purchasing the plasma under the retail price. It's wonderful to know that your company uses just as much care and attends to details for budget projects like our small home video room as it does for those big jobs! Our room looks and sounds great!

- Jacob H.

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